Health & Safety Business School (HSBS) is a new project we have developed by OSHversity TDC with the sole aim of looking at the business side of Occupational Safety and Health and making it profitable to practitioners. The world is short of trained OSH professionals while most of the trained ones are also retiring. The whole aim of the HSBS project is to train OSH experts from the point of practitioners to Independent OSH Consultants.

We also need the knowledge and experiences of the fast retiring OSH Experts in supporting workplace health and safety but this will hardly be achieved if we do not have OSH experts that are trained on how to do personal consulting in the field of OSH. The OSH business landscape is so virgin and this needs to be adequately explored.

The HSBS Proposition

The HSBS been designed as an Eight-Week (8) virtual training and grooming sessions directed at commercial models within the OSH practice with emphasis on OSH Consulting. Each week has two hours tutorial session with a subject expert on the topic scheduled for each week, participants are left with study links and in some cases, even home work.

The entire program has 7 topics that will be covered in 7 weeks and the final week has been designed for the entire program review, term paper and wrap up. Submission of individual term paper qualifies participants for certificate issuance, these must be submitted two weeks after the program’s wrap up.

We have put together an impressive tutorial board made up of experts drawn from different part of the world, these group of people have volunteered their time to help groom participants.

We have all been taught clearly on the practice of Health and Safety and this has helped quite a number of us to perform in our various employment but we do not have conversations on Independent OSH Consulting which should be a window for senior experienced OSH professionals and retirees to still make contribution towards workplace health and safety. This is the focus of HSBS, we need to train and groom OSH Practitioners into Independent OSH Consulting and above all, teaching them the skills needed for setting up and managing OSH Consulting Organisations. Opportunities abounds within the economics of OSH but these have not been duly explored, while we feel we have limited number of trained OSH experts globally, a high number of them retire daily and it is high time we looked at ways of keeping their expertise in the system while we train younger graduates to fill in those vacuums. The older practitioners who have worked for 20 years and above saturate the market and make growth difficult for their younger colleagues, teaching and showing them the pathway to OSH Consulting will free up space for people to grow and allow aspiring entrants into the field of practice. This will blossom OSH profession, improve workplace health and safety and create a stretch of opportunities we can all benefit from.

Who is eligible to enrol for this course?

  • OSH practitioners aspiring to become OSH Consultants
  • OSH practitioners interested in learning how to manage OSH funding or budget profitably
  • Senior and Mid-Level OSH Managers
  • OSH practitioners interested in the economics and commerce of health and safety
  • Business leaders and Managers
  • Leaderships of OSH Associations
  • Human Resources and Employees’ Relations Managers

What is the course fee?

This HSBS is sold at a subsidized fee of $150.00 which is N65, 000.00 equivalent in Nigerian local currency. Payment can be made with debit or credit cards at OSHversity website, this is secured. For international participants, you may not need to input $150, just input 65,000.00 beside the existing Naira sign. Once this is done, someone from our team open up correspondence with you immediately. Here is the payment link https://www.oshversity.com/pay/ We need you to register as quickly as possible, we will be admitting only 20 candidates in this each cohorts. A first-come-first-serve rule applies, here is the registration link https://www.oshversity.com/register/.

HSBS Tutorial Board

Yohama Caraballo-Arias (Venezuela)

She is an Occupational Physician, an active member of the Council of Scientific Advisors of the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), Venezuelan delegate of the International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative (IOMSC). She is currently a Scientific Researcher at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Italy.

Helmut Nod (Germany)

He is a renowned Occupational Safety and Health expert who holds a PhD in Psychology focusing on Occupational Safety and Health Psychology. He has participated in several international projects and has some many publications to his credit. He currently works at the Competence Center for Prevention at BG RCI, Germany.

Moyo Dingani (Zimbabwe)

He is a specialist Occupational Medicine Physician, OSH Consultant and an academic researcher. He holds fellowship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine from Royal College of Physicians, Ireland. A very renowned conference speaker, he lectures at Midland State University and National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. He is also an OSH Consultant at Baines Occupational Health Services, Zimbabwe.

Veronika Jakl (Austria)

She is a Work Psychologist from Vienna, Austria. She is an expert in work-related stress for private companies and public organizations. Veronika Jakl inspires OSH experts towards more success in consulting with psychology-based knowledge. She hosts the German-Speaking Academy "Pioneers of Prevention" www.pionierederpraevention.com.

Ehi Iden (Nigeria)

He is an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant, a Doctoral Fellow working on Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion, he is also a Workplace Mental Health Ambassador. Ehi is a renowned conference speaker, a CEO at Occupational Health and Safety Managers (OHSM) Nigeria and Head of Faculty, OSHversity. He is a Vision Zero Profiled Advocate and President, OSHAfrica.

Stewart Carnegie (United Kingdom)

He is a very thorough OSH Expert with over 25 years international experience leading multinational projects and teams with the energy and security sectors. The last 20 years of his practice has been focused on consulting in Oil and Gas and Renewables sectors, specializing in incidents management, systems solutions/development, training and coaching.

In line with the changing market needs in 2021, Stewart created a new company called cRisk Analysis LLC an Occupational Safety and Health company offering support to developing countries with international best practice. He is currently resident and works in Ukraine.

Clive (United Kingdom)

He is a healthcare, charities and digital strategy expert, with nearly 30 years of experience in navigating these sectors, helping others to do so, and bringing people and organisations together to deliver greater value for them and for patients. He started his consultancy career working for a global professional services firm in 1998, and after a few years back in the NHS joined a global IT services company where he held increasingly senior roles. He ended his career there in 2017 as Global lead for mobile strategy and solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences division (with a turnover of $1.3 Billion) and continued to consult with clients around the world in parallel with his operational role.

Clive now works on a consultancy basis with a number of companies, and is the past President of the Digital Health Council of the Royal Society of Medicine, mentors on a number of digital health accelerators including the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme, and lectures in digital health at the University of Cumbria. He has chaired a global HL7 group, sat on the NHS Information Standards Board, and chaired a WHO committee on patient safety.